Enjoy swimming in the summer months safely

Swimming lessons will help you feel confident and safe in the water.

Beat The Heat of a Blistering Summer….Safely!

There is no better way to beat the heat of the summer than by spending it in the water. Swimming is a great recreational sport that can be enjoyed by all ages at any time of the year; but of course summer is the best. But please…..keep safety in mind!

Calculated Risks

Swimming obviously comes with the risk of drowning, but it doesn’t mean that we should keep the kids away from the water; only that parents need to be more vigilant and extra conscious when their kids are in or around the pool. Parents also need to stress to children how to be safe while they are in the water and in the case where they get into trouble, what to do.

Water Safety

Whether it’s keeping kids safe at the local swimming hole, in the family pool or on white-water rapids, parents must sure to keep their families safe both in and around the water by teaching them about water safety.

However, do not forget that swimming time or bath time should still be fun. But how do you keep it fun while imposing your safety rules? For starters, there are safety-minded swim schools that can teach your children both swimming skills as well as safety skills. Enrolling children, as well as adults who are not comfortable in the water, in swimming class can give your whole family some peace of mind when you are in and around the water.

Contact Hudson Valley Swim to discuss an appropriate lesson program for you and your children so you can comfortably enjoy the summer and beat the heat of the summer!