Why Swimming is Important for Everyone?

Swimming is a great skill to have no matter what age you are.

Benefits of Swimming for Adults

There are numerous benefits that adults can realize when they are swimmers. Often, doctors have begun advising their adult patients to begin swimming as a safe and enjoyable way to realize the health benefits of routine aerobic physical activity. According to the CDC, just a few hours a week of an aerobic exercise like swimming can decrease the chance of acquiring chronic or even serious health conditions. Here are several reasons that make swimming the ideal sport for adults.

1) Adult swimmers live longer

Studies show that weekly swimmers have approximately half the risk of death than their inactive counterparts. Swimming improves many health issues including Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and even helps to deter certain types of cancer including colon, breast and lung.

2) Adult swimmers feel better physically

People with chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis benefit from water-based exercises like swimming because they can get the benefits of healthy exercise such as a decrease in pain in a low impact and low injury sport without worsening symptoms or further damaging joints. Swimming is also responsible for maintaining or improving bone health in post-menopausal women.

3) Adult swimmers feel better mentally

Like many exercises, swimming increases a feeling of well-being and is a great stress reducer. People who swim regularly also report less depression than non-swimmers of the same age, circumstances and socioeconomic group.

4) Adult swimmers are less likely to drown.

Although one may assume adults have learned how to swim, many have not and are at a great risk any time they participate in a recreational activity that centers around water such as boating, snorkeling or even just enjoying ocean waves. A strong wave combined with a significant undertow can drag a person deep into the water where non-swimmers are in danger.