Swimming Lessons Consideration

Swimming lessons for children of all ages in Newburgh NY

Factors To Consider For Swimming Lessons

Swimming is one of the most popular and healthy activities in the world. It is an excellent activity for recreation, fitness and also for safety. Swimming is a low impact sport which means while performing this physical activity, the body’s joints don’t experience any impact due to the water so the strain on the joints is minimized. It actually serves as a full body workout since almost every major muscle group is are utilized when swimming.

Let’s have a closer look at the various aspects behind swimming:


Swimming serves as an effectual recreational activity. It is undoubtedly one of the only activities which attracts and engages people of all ages. It also serves as an excellent way to remain active without straining your body due to its low impact nature. And of course, nothing beats a dip in the water on a hot day!


Avid swimmers look to the water as a great physical workout and sometimes take these workouts to a competitive level. The chief objective of a competitive swimmer is to increase their speed in the water by streamlining their strokes and perfecting their breathing and turns.


Needless to say, safety is one of the main reasons that children take lessons and in many cases adults as well. People who take swim lessons inherently do so to learn survival skills when in the water. By taking swim lessons, children and adults gain a healthy respect for the water. Besides learning safety jumps, flotation, various swim strokes and building their stamina, often students learn what is appropriate given the water depth and visibility as well as how to handle other conditions such as when there are riptides. Ultimately, by taking swim lessons, the student will build confidence in the water so that they can stay safe and avoid accidents or dangerous situations.

While stepping into swimming classes, the student may incur several challenges like relaxing in the water, overcoming a fear or phobia of water, putting their face in the water, learning how to breathe, coordinating their arms and legs, etc.

However, the student need not worry about all this as all of it takes time. Swimming is a skill that cannot be learned or mastered in just a couple of weeks as it is a learning process. This is why swim programs should have classes year-round. Expecting a student to master their skills in a few summer weeks is unrealistic. Additionally when taking lessons, the class size is very important especially for younger students.

Bottom Line

Do your research when selecting a swim program. There are many facilities that offer classes of many types but is swimming where their expertise is? Selecting a swim lesson program from a facility that specializes in swimming, utilizing very experienced instructors who have a breadth of experience working with infants, adults, competitive and special needs is likely going to have huge payback on the quality of lesson provided. Additionally taking swim lessons from a program where their classes are small will be your best bet in most cases, even if the price is a little higher for the lessons. Getting started early with swimming. It is fun but most importantly it is a safety necessity!