Swimming for Special Needs Children

Private swimming lessons for special needs children.

Swimming for Special Needs Children

Swimming for children with special needs is beneficial not only for their physical health, but also to improve their behavioral and mental health. It helps them to obtain good stamina, muscle strength, better behavioral conditioning, body flexibility, better self control and coordination, etc. Moreover, spending time in the water keeps the children relaxed and calm, hence they are motivated to spend more time in the water, which further expands on these benefits. Let’s discuss some points on swimming for children with special needs:


Using adaptive equipment can make water activities more beneficial for the kids with special needs. For example, floating mats or life jackets are helpful for kids with motor disorders to help them enjoy the water easily and safely. Some swim caps and swim plugs are available for the kids with tubes in their ears.


Not all special needs children need similar activities and training as it depends on the type of disability the child has. Training for some children may include visual cues, some may need verbal instructions, while other children understand better via an instructor demonstration. Often these children are more comfortable and able to learn in pools when there are no environmental disturbances. It is important to provide the environment and lessons according to each child’s requirements.


Swimming can be a new activity for special needs children and they may be uncomfortable or afraid of it to start off. It is important that their instructor pays attention to the kids and helps them acclimate to the water initially and sometimes even longer. Sometimes, each class should start with a re-acclimation exercise.


The activities and training should be done in a constant manner in order to get ever improving results. Irregular routine and frequent changes in teaching methods can affect the motivation and learning process of any child, especially with certain classifications of special needs children.


As we all know, safety is the first priority in any swimming program and when it comes to special needs children, it is even more important as they may need more care and attention. The most common safety measures include- clean environment and water, small class sizes, experienced instructors and lifeguards, and an emergency plan.

Special needs swim classes are helpful to unlock the potential capabilities in the kids. However, it is essential that a child should be trained by highly skilled and experienced trainer. There are some excellent swimming schools available for children with special needs all over the world, such as Hudson Valley Swim in Orange County, NY and Dutchess County, NY.