Winter is a great season to learn how to swim!

Swimming lessons for toddlers and children are perfect during the winter months.

Winter is a great season to swim!

Sure it’s cold! And yes it is a pain to get everyone bundled up to go outside. But it is warm in the gym and especially in the pool area. And the water is at least 85 degrees at Gold’s Gym in Newburgh. Here are some great reasons to keep swimming over the winter at Hudson Valley Swim

Safety First

Core skills that children will learn to prepare themselves for a safe swim this Summer include:

  • Pool Entry/Exit – Cannonballs and Jackknives are definitely a fun way to enter the water but they are not always the safest. More so, exiting the water, especially when they are tired using an elbow-elbow-knee-knee technique is critical.
  • Floating on their Backs – One of the most critical skills to learn for times they are tired and can’t summon the strength to continue swimming.
  • Treading Water – Sometimes they will have to wait their turn for the ladder and may not be able to touch bottom.
  • Moving in the Water – Whether it is doggy paddle or freestyle, children need to learn how to move from their current location to one of the walls.
  • Going Under Water – It is important that a child feel comfortable with their face in the water. It reduces the chances of swallowing water and with their head in the water, in line with their body, it helps to keep the legs from lowering into the water.

Burn Energy and Exercise Instead of TV

Your kids say there is nothing to do so they turn on the TV or their XBOX. They have so much energy and nothing to do but be a couch potato because it is cold outside. Swimming is a great winter activity to help with the cabin fever.

Summer Preparation

Winter is the perfect time for swim lessons because it will get your kids prepped and ready for a Summer of pool activity. Learning to swim does not happen overnight. Do you want them to learn over the summer, or do you want them to KNOW over the summer? Common sense says the latter so this means you need to use the fall, winter and spring to train them.


If they have been making great strides over the spring and summer, what happens when they take 6 months off? Swimming is a year-round activity. It keeps them healthy and safe but also will advance their skills. Doggy Paddle today and Butterfly stroke tomorrow.