What do we mean by a swim uniform?

The requirements for a swim uniform differ by age. For ages up to 3 (typically Pollywog and Goldfish classes) or for any child or adult who cannot control themselves, we require you to “double bag” it. This means a disposable diaper on skin, covered by a reusable diaper over it, both of which go under the bathing suit. Our goal for this age is to control pool accidents which result in pool closures and an expense to clean the water.

For ages 3 and older (Elementary Program and older), we require goggles, preferably with a clear lens. Anyone that has shoulder length hair must also wear a swim cap. This helps keep the filters free of hair and keeps the hair out of the student’s face during lessons.

And of course, everyone MUST bring a towel to dry off BEFORE leaving the pool area. This is for your safety as well as the safety of others using the facility as wet floors become slippery.